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Academics » Intermediate (Grades 4 & 5 )

Intermediate (Grades 4 & 5 )


Intermediate Grades

  • Innovated Curriculum-Based TechnologyStudents holding books image
  • Google Classroom is introduced
  • Students learn how to navigate Google to locate, complete and submit assignments
  • The i-Ready Learning Program engages and motivates students and builds literacy skills
  • 1:1 Chromebook devices
  • Flexible small groups are created to teach or review reading and writing skills
  • Laboratory science and social studies units presented each trimester
  • Grade 4 is departmentalized in math, laboratory science, and social studies
  • Grade 5 is departmentalized in math, reading, English and social studies
  • In 4th and 5th grade, students develop organizational skills, study skills, responsibility, and independence through some beginning departmentalization.
  • Students receive 30 minutes of recess, followed by a 20 minute lunch period

English Language Arts


Students continue to build reading and language skills by using the Wonders 2020 program. They will read a variety of informational texts, as well as fictional stories, and be able to identify genres, author's purpose, and point of view. Small groups are created to teach and review various reading and writing skills. In grade 5, students are introduced to longer, authentic texts through novel studies which prepares them for the transition to middle school. 

Students at desk image

Envision Math

Problem - Based Learning
Visual Learning
Conceptual Understanding

Social Studies / History


Students begin 4th grade by learning the 5 key regions in the USA, what sets each region apart from the other, and be able to identify important landmarks famous for each region. Students also begin to look closely at the three Branches of Government and America's economy. In grade 5 they will learn about the early history of our country. Students study the native cultures, European western exploration and colonization, and the formation of the USA.

Laboratory Science


Students explore a curriculum that is based on the Next Generation Science Standards in the content of areas of: Life, Physical, Earth and Space Science.

Foreign Language / Spanish



As a continuation of Spanish, students dive into more grammar including subject pronouns, adjectives, and conjugation of verbs. They are able to count up to 1,000 and do simple math problems. Students can identify important roles in the community, and are able to participate in simple readings, and conversation. 

Enrichment Classes


music class
Students will departmentalize each week to Art, Music, Gym and Library. Each enrichment class is led by a teacher of that subject.
Students also have the opportunity to participate in band in grade 4 and competitive sports beginning in
grade 5.