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Altar Service


Important items for all servers to remember:

  • Be happy and smile; fold your hands reverently when standing.
  • You are part of a ‘team’: work together with joy.
  • If a sacristan asks for your help (for example, lighting candles or helping to gather liturgical items) say YES and do the task with joy.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask your fellow servers, the sacristan, priest and deacon.
  • The ‘cross-bearer’ is also the ‘Book-bearer’; your role is to bring the Book (Roman Missal) to the priest at the words “Let us Pray’, and to bring the Book to and from the altar at the appropriate time.
  • The ‘candle-bearers’ bring the chalice, water, bowl and towel (at the Offertory) to and from the altar as well as the empty bowels (ciboria) from the credence table to the altar (during the ‘Lamb of God’) just before Communion. At the Offertory, as one candle-bearer brings the chalice to the altar, the other candle-bearer stands next to the priest at the foot of the altar to receive the cruet of wine. The priest/deacon always carries the bowl with the unconsecrated hosts to the altar.
  • A fourth server is the ‘bell-ringer.’Alter Server
  • All servers retrieve the cushions under the pew reverently and kneel on the first step with hands folded during the Eucharistic Prayer (beginning with the conclusion of the singing of “Holy, Holy, Holy...” and ending at the beginning of the “Our Father.” Servers should reverently place the cushions back on the little shelf under their pew.
  • All servers remain standing when the gathered people kneel just after the singing of the “Lamb of God.” Servers receive Holy Communion standing and at the same time as the gathered people in the pews.
  • After the final prayer and blessing by the priest, servers retrieve the cross and candles and station themselves at the foot of the altar. After the priest/deacon has bowed to the altar the servers turn and lead the recession down the center aisle.
  • Servers return to the server sacristy by way of the daily chapel and assist the sacristan if asked.
St. Theresa Parish is grateful to all of the faithful altar servers who offer their time and talent. If your child is interested in becoming an alter server, please send an email to Fr. Matt Jammeson: [email protected]