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ST. Theresa SchoolPreschool - 8th Grade

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Parent Testimonials


STS family


"We first chose STS for preschool, kindergarten and before/after care. During that time, we fell in love with the school and now have a 2nd grader and 4th grader.  The principal, Miss Keenley, is an incredible leader and has a heart of gold. The staff of teachers is outstanding!  The school's communication is transparent, which is priceless. The curriculum goes above and beyond the district’s. The compassion and care for my children is exceptional.   


 We have so many favorite STS memories.  The mom and son sports night is probably one of my favorites. What I appreciate most about STS is how we feel like extended family. Raising our children in such a wonderful community of families with strong values in faith is a blessing within itself.  


Also they have a terrific Parents Association full of dedicated parents that make it all run!"  


-Michelle S.

STS family

"Three years ago, my husband and I were looking for a full-day preschool program for our daughter.  We visited a handful of schools, but STS made the best first impression.  It's apparent the moment you walk into the school that the faculty and staff take a lot of pride in creating an environment that makes students feel comfortable and excited to learn.  From the moment we met with Terri Kolbus, Director of Admissions, we knew this was the right school. 

Our children, Lea (1st grade) and James (preschool,) love attending STS.  They talk about their teachers everyday and how much they love them.  They feel part of a family the moment they get off the bus.  As a parent, you pray that your children feel connected and safe at school.  This is why STS is so special.  The teachers, parents and staff go above and beyond to make you feel like your family matters. 

Our favorite STS memory is the Christmas choir concert.  It's so fun to see all the children dressed up as they perform holiday songs.  There's so much love and energy at that event.

What we appreciate the most about STS is the connection the teachers have with their students.  The teachers are amazing and are led by an outstanding principal, Mrs. Keenley.  The communication is always clear and consistent.

We are grateful and proud to be part of STS.  This has been highlighted even more this year seeing how much the school is doing for our children during the pandemic.  STS has done everything right to make the school safe for the children.  The plan was communicated perfectly from the very beginning of the school year.  STS has not deviated or created confusion. I'm so grateful that my children are able to attend school during this crazy time.  STS has been incredible for our family and we thank everyone that is a part of it."

-Christina V.

STS family
"What will your child gain at St. Theresa School? Love, faith and support.

As a mom of an almost-three-year-old back in 2015, and as a first time mom, I felt like I was making the biggest decision for my child: where to send him to preschool. We’d visited a number of schools and they were all nice. Everyone was welcoming and all had come highly recommended. It wasn’t until we walked into St. Theresa School, as a mom I knew this was the place for us! 


We’ve continued to be impressed by St. Theresa School and not only with academics. Yes, now BOTH of our children attend St. Theresa, and are having great experiences (even with a pandemic going on!). Throughout the years, we’ve had teachers who genuinely love and care about our children and make an extra effort to get to know them and connect with them. Even to the extent that they recognized some learning difficulties one of our children was having. We were greeted with a team of teachers and an incredibly invested principal willing to help guide us through the process so that our child could succeed. 


Our children have both grown in faith. From my younger one leading us in prayer before dinner and showing us how “prayer hands point to Heaven” to last summer’s First Holy Communion that was truly a special event for our family (with the proclamation, “the blessed Host DOES taste different, Mom!”); made even more special with teachers and staff attending who had seen our son on his faith journey. 


Our family really has come to value our time at St. Theresa School. You could not ask for a more dedicated group of teachers and staff who will find that spark that allows your child to love learning, but also allows them to be exactly who they are. “Thank you” doesn’t begin to express all that the school has given our children, and we look forward to more learning, a deeper faith and all the special moments to come."


- Samantha & Dave B.

"My husband and I were looking for a faith-filled, loving community for our family when we were discerning schools, and we found that ten-fold at St. Theresa School. We have two daughters attending the school, and we’ve felt so welcomed and well taken care of by all the teachers, staff, and families here. They are what make the school so special. Our kids wake up each day eager to go to school, and we’re grateful to know that they are in such good hands. The faith-based education they are receiving is first-rate, and their spiritual and academic growth has been amazing."

-Iman C.

"We chose STS because of the high-quality education offered.  We feel STS presents a safe, more personalized school environment, which we love. We appreciate the enrichments offered to students such as art, science, technology and music. We have witnessed our daughter thrive--academically and spiritually--under the watchful eyes of the STS staff.  We are also very pleased that STS has an after-school care option, which is very helpful for working families.    


One of our favorite memories with STS would be the annual bonfire in the fall.  It was great to see how one event pulled together the St. Theresa community--Staff, Clergy, and STS families--allowing everyone to have fun, enjoying the food, music, and activities.  This is something we pray continues on next year."


-Jennifer & Per A.

Upon our first visit to St. Theresa School, we instantly felt a connection with both Miss Mary Keenley and Mrs. Theresa Kolbus. Their warmth and the genuine love of the school was very apparent. We wanted our children to be in a school where they would be taught in an environment that aligned with our educational philosophy; we wanted the focus to be on the whole child. Our goal was to find a place where there was a community, for our kids and us as parents. A school where our kids will learn about faith, respect, individuality and service to the community.  We found all of that and more within the walls of St. Theresa. We are grateful to have both of our children attending STS now, and we couldn't be happier with our decision. They are thriving in their respective classes and love going to school each and every day! At St. Theresa, we have found a strong, spiritual community and our children have found a place to learn and grow for several more years.

-Erin & Mike 

sts family

"STS is a wonderful Catholic school with strong academics and holds a strong Christian foundation for our young scholars.   The community here is unlike any other with caring teachers, staff, students, and parents. There is so much more than excellent academics being taught here at STS.  Having faith-based values and providing services to our community embraces our connections to God and our family. The same love and safety we have at home is carried over at STS. 

The teachers give 100% of themselves and more, and they continue to do so willingly. The genuine care and concern for my children does not go unnoticed. Ms. Keenley, our principal, has never been too busy to discuss a concern, idea, or suggestion.  She genuinely listens and cares. This year has been a year full of questions and uncertainty for many and her consistent communications through informative videos/presentations and all other various channels to keep us informed go above and beyond.  

We love the friends we've made and the friendships that our children have formed. It's a place where memories are created and invaluable lessons are being learned every day, which will stay with them forever. We feel very blessed to have a school of such high caliber to send all of our children to."

-Mary C.

Parent testimonial

“We’ve been members of the parish for over 10 years, so it seemed natural for us to send our child to St. Theresa School. What was most important for us is that it offers a rigorous academic program with a solid Catholic foundation. We were so happy to have safe, in-person schooling all year - it’s made all the difference for our son’s social and academic development.”

-Andrew & Jennifer K. 


"We absolutely LOVE being part of the “STS Family”. The sense of community has been a true blessing. The teachers care so much for every student. We feel that St Theresa School strives to form each and every student into the person God has called them to be. We truly appreciate the values our children have been taught. They will carry those for many years to come.”

-Mike & Julie W.