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Technology is a powerful learning tool that supports the growth of our Christian Scholars. While students access the online world they learn powerful digital citizenship that makes their learning effective and safe. Classrooms at STS are blended and technology is seamlessly integrated into the curriculum. Using the Google platform students operate in a 21st century environment and develop knowledge and skills that transfers effectively to high school and beyond.


Students have 1:1 access to Chrome technology; our eighth graders use iPad technology to prepare for the high school experience.


Technology is a dynamic tool that can challenge students intellectually by giving them immediate access to information online. Effective use of technology fosters a student's worldview as young learners communicate globally and gives new meaning to research as students gain worldly perspectives not always captured in textbooks.


At St. Theresa School we understand that technology helps students cultivate skills that they  carry with them through high school, college and as adults in the working world. Taught properly, research on the internet fosters students’ analysis and problem-solving skills as they work individually and in teams communicating across platforms to gather information, think critically,  and develop solutions to real world problems. 


St. Theresa blends technology in the classroom, supporting learning and building students’ confidence. When technology is integrated into instruction, students are engaged; as they master the technology, they are empowered. Blending technology into the curriculum gives students a sense of purpose in their learning and their attitude toward their education blossoms.