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The enrichment classes sit alongside, and are integrally entwined with the academic curriculum, as the major pillars of education at St. Theresa School. The Enrichment classes are not an optional extra for students, parents or staff, but is at the core of our educational



At St. Theresa, our Enrichment classes start in preschool and continue through 8th grade.





These classes are offered in the following areas:

    • Library (PreSchool & Kindergarten through Grade 8)
    • Music (PreSchool & Kindergarten through Grade 8
    • Art (PreSchool  & Kindergarten through Grade 8
    • Physical Education (PreSchool & KIndergarten through grade 8)
    • Technology (Kindergarten through Grade 8)
    • Choir (Grades 2 through Grade 8)
    • Drama (Grades 2 through Grade 8)