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ST. Theresa SchoolPreschool - 8th Grade

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1st - 8th Grades

St. Theresa School has an outstanding academic program as evidenced through our success in standardized testing, as well as our graduates' success in high school and beyond.
  • Highly qualified teachers with multiple years of experience and advanced degrees.
  • Strong parent involvement creates an environment where students are expected to learn and are supported in their learning.
  • Variety of programs that meet the needs of students at all developmental levels.
  • Children learn and progress, at a rate determined by individual abilities and achievements, in a positive and caring atmosphere.
  • Children grow in self-discipline and responsibility.
  • All grade levels receive instruction in religion, reading, English, spelling, mathematics, social studies, laboratory science, technology, art, music, and physical education.
  • Academic foreign languages beginning in Kindergarten.
  • New extensive library
  • Innovated Curriculum - Based Technology Lab
Faith Formation

Catholic liturgy, Sacraments, traditions, and prayer are taught at St. Theresa School as an integral part of the school’s curriculum. Faith Formation occurs not only in the classroom daily through traditional lessons, but is also accomplished through the entire lived reality of the school’s spiritual and social life. Students in 1st grade - 8th grade attend Mass as a school community each Tuesday morning and holy days of obligation. Each week a different grade prepares and performs the weekly Tuesday morning Mass. Additionally, special Masses and liturgies are celebrated throughout the year. During these special Masses, our Kindergarten students attend with their teachers and middle school Mass buddies. There are special prayer opportunities throughout the school year for our preschoolers as well. Parents, as an important part of our faith community, are invited to attend school liturgies.


Sacraments are for the Church, by the Church and for the Church. In support in working with the parents and the parish community, we play an integral part of the formation and preparation for the reception of Reconciliation (Confession), First Holy Communion and Confirmation leading up to the reception of the Sacraments within the parish community. These graced Sacramental celebrations are memorable, intimate, and truly special for our students and families alike.


Daily religious formation in 1st and 2nd grade helps to prepare the students for the reception of First Reconciliation during the Advent Season of 2nd grade and First Holy Communion in May of 2nd grade for St. Theresa Parish. Daily religious formation in 7th and 8th grade helps to prepare the students for reception of Confirmation in late winter/early spring of the 8th grade year for St. Theresa Parish.

The kindergarten curriculum focuses on academic areas, such as reading, writing, math, music, art, technology and foreign language, as well as emphasizing spiritual, social, and emotional growth for all children.
  • All Day and Morning program options available for Kindergarten.
Our elementary program includes grades 1-5.
  • Main focus in the primary grades, 1-3, is the development of reading and math skills.
  • The Six-Trait Writing process is begun in the primary grades and expanded each year to develop appropriate skills for the age and grade.
  • Laboratory science and social studies units presented each trimester
  • Grade 4 is departmentalized in math, laboratory science, and social studies
  • Grade 5 is departmentalized in math, reading, English and social studies
  • In 4th and 5th grade, students develop organizational skills, study skills, responsibility, and independence through some beginning departmentalization.
  • Innovated Curriculum-Based Technology
Middle School
  • Grades 6-8 are fully departmentalized.
  • Teacher awareness of individual academic needs is maximized due to teacher instruction at different grade levels.
  • Organizational skills become very important as students change classes and have several teachers.
  • Long-term assignments such as book reports, term papers, science labs and history projects, complement the dynamic and challenging curriculum.
  • Innovated Curriculum-Based Technology
  • Fully integrated Middle School Science Laboratory
  • Field trips in Middle School include Timberlee Wisconsin (6th Grade), Springfield, IL/St. Louis, MO (7th Grade) and Washington D.C. (8th Grade)