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Welcome to 3rd Grade! I am so happy to have your children in my classroom.
I will be posting weekly updates about the class activities, learning and other information so please make sure to subscribe so you will get alerted when new posts are added!

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January 17 Newsletter

Good Morning!
WE are Busy, busy, busy here getting ready for our Catholic School Week!!! I sure hope that you will be able to join us for 11:30 mass on Jan. 27 followed by our Open House! It is a great way to see what your child has been doing! Of course the BIG excitement is the habitats!! The students have been working very hard in science and computer doing research on their habitat and animal. Nest week we will use this research to write about our animal in class! I love their excitement when they find out something new and interesting! Habitat projects are due NEXT week, Jan. 23! I'm very anxious to see them too!
We have a very fun surprise scheduled today. A former STS parent of three has started a company that is called The Soul Harbor Therapy Horses! These horses are brought into hospitals and homes to do therapy to the sick! We are excited that Mrs. Diegel is bringing them to STS today into our classrooms! Yes! I'm sure your child will be full of information when they get home! Change for Change will contribute funds to this organization as it is run on DONATIONS only! Thank you for your generosity! 
I will send back the results of the mid-term reading test next week! To be a better reader, I tell my students to READ! The more you read the better reader they will become! Thank you for encouraging reading every night!
We have been practicing our multiplication facts and also learning about fractions this week!  I love this time of the year when I see them really learning and taking in so much!!!!
Enjoy the weekend snow...hopefully! The students where talking about their excitement to sled and ski and build forts! Such good memories are being made now! Enjoy!
Mrs. Burns

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas break! Thank you again for your very generous Christmas gift! I am truly grateful to you! You are very kind!
We are starting off the 2019 year with a bang! Catholic Schools Week is right around the corner and we are preparing for that! You will receive an update as to all of the "Happenings" during the week. I hope you are planning on attending the 11:30 mass on January 27 followed by our Open House! It is a great way to see what we have been learning! It is always a great day!
This week in reading, we have been reading a play called Pecos Bill! It is always a favorite of the third graders! We will try to put together a performance of the play! In years past, I have taped the show and shown it at Open House! My plan is to do the same this year! It is a great way to practice reading and also get a taste of acting!!!! We might need some props for the play. We discussed this in class today and your kids might be looking around your house to see if y\you have any of the props that they listed in their assignment notebooks! No worries if you don't have any thing!!!
We will take a Midterm reading booklet test next week instead of having a story!
In science, the students have been researching their habitat in books and at computer. Hopefully they have started building their model at home!! The students will also write a report, AT SCHOOL, about an animal that can survive in the habitat that they chose. This is such a fun filled time for third grade where we are learning SOOO much! Exciting times!!!
As always...if you have any questions, please email me. I will get back to you as soon as I can! Enjoy!
Mrs. Burns

Last Newsletter of 2018~

Well...we made it! Thanks for being so accommodating with changes in schedule, the Christmas program, etc. Ms. Wilberg is still out of school until January so Ms, Rosenkranz"s daughter is fill in for the Christmas prayer service tomorrow. She is studying music in college so she fits right in! Hope you can make it!  Prayer service is scheduled at 12:00. If you wish to take your child home after the service, you may come back to the classroom and get them! Dress code of the day is Christmas colors, sweaters, dresses, pants can be nice jeans if you wish.Third graders will be up on the alter so..... they should look nice.Thank you!
Science habitat projects have gone home. Have your child start formulating a plan for their project. its a good time to get the project going! One part of the project is to have the students choose an animal that can survive in the habitat. Get some books on that animal! They will do research when they get back from break but the more information they can gather about animal and habitat is the key! I love to hear the excitement when they learn new facts about habitat and animals! Enjoy!
Continue to have the students practice their multiplication facts! 5 minutes a day is all it takes! We will be hitting that concept hard, - when we return!
Thank you so much for sending your child to be with me in third grade! I have enjoyed this short time together with them! They are growing and maturing before your eyes! Enjoy this time!
Merry Christmas and have a Happy New year! Pray for Mrs. Larson and I on New Years Eve! Our kids are getting married!!! My son and her daughter! See what can happen when you send your child to STS!!! Ha!
Mrs. Burns

One More Week to Go Newlsetter

Time is flying by! Things are in place to accommodate some of the songs that the students have been working on so hard on. NEXT Friday, we hope that you can attend the ending prayer service at which time our class will be a part of the kindergarten presentation of the Nativity! We will sing Angels We Have Heard on High!  Dress code for that day is dress up with Christmas clothes and colors. Nice jeans are ok with Christmas shirts and sweaters! Thank you for your understanding as we pray for the recovery of Ms. Wilberg! No word yet on anything! She is a very active person and if the Drs. say Rest, she must not be feeling well! Keep her in your prayers! If you attend the prayer service, you may come back to classroom and get your child!
THANK YOU for letting us continue the Secret Santa in my classroom. Please return wrapped gifts by NeXT WEDNESDAY - Label them just with Boy or Girl!
When we return from Christmas break we will concentrate more on multiplication. I will have an updated timed test schedule then. It sounds like they have been practicing when I review in class! Thank you for practicing! 
Enjoy and just remember...All will get done!!!
Mrs. Burns

December 6 Newsletter

Thank you so much again for teaching your children about sharing! Our box of soup is overflowing and the mitten tree is filled! You are very kind and you are teaching your child a valuable lesson.
Your children are working hard in music class to prepare for the Christmas program next week. Mark your calendars for Thursday, Dec. 13 at 6:00. Ms. Wilberg will probably want them around 5:45 but she will send out a notice later, I'm sure. It always gets us in the Christmas spirit!!! 
Speaking of Spirit, I hope you will let me continue with my classroom tradition. On the last day of school before we head off to our break, I like to have a grab bag in my classroom. In previous years I have asked each student to bring in a gift NO MORE THAN $ 5.00. If your child is a boy...bring in a boy gift. If your child is a girl...bring in a girl gift. PLEASE WRAP THE GIFT BUT ONLY LABEL BOY OR GIRL. These are due to me on December 19. Rule of thumb...if your child like it...the students most like it. Some ideas...small Lego boxes, coloring items, books, little games.I love to see their faces when they open them! They are always so gracious when they find out who gave the present! They always say "Thank You"! Love it! Thanks for letting me do this in my classroom!
Next week, STS  will be having a Santa Shop for those that would like to participate. There are inexpensive items that might be suitable for family members. We will be previewing on Tuesday and buying on Wednesday! 
Continue practicing your multiplication facts as we will begin timed tests when we return after Christmas break. There are some fun games or music songs that can help them practice. Good Santa gifts!!!
Thank You for sending your child dress for the weather! Please have them bring boots every day as the play area can get very messy when the snow melts! 
Enjoy! Sorry there are no story links this week!
Mrs. Burns

End of November Newsletter

It sounds like you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving break and a little more on Monday! I love reading what your children write about in their journals to recap their activities!! 
We will be working hard from now until Christmas break to prepare for the Christmas concert on Thursday, December 13 at 6:00. Hope to see you there!
In preparation for Advent, we have been reviewing the steps for Reconciliation in religion! We will go as a third and 4th grade group on Monday at 8:45. 
In the coming weeks, your child will bring home information about their science habitat project due on January 25. They will pick the name of habitat out of a hat. This distributes the different habitats so they are not all choosing the same one! They will build their habitat at home and then bring in by Jan. In school, they will also be paired with a classmate that has also picked the same habitat. They will gather information about the habitat and animals that survive in habitat to prepare a power point presentation together in computer class. Each student will also choose an animal that can survive in their chosen habitat and do research in computer class and science class and then write a report, in cursive, in my class. All of these activities will be completed by Catholic School Open House on Sunday, Jan, 27. All work will be on display for you to see at the Open House! I am giving you this information so that you will understand it when you get the handout soon. You can always ask me or the science teacher any questions! 
Thank you for encouraging your child to practice their multiplication facts at home! Practice makes perfect!!!
Enjoy the snow!!
Mrs. Burns

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a few reminders as we move into our busy time! Tomorrow is our very special tradition that STS has been involved in for many years - Our Thanksgiving Day Walk.We are all very blessed and this tradition sends a message to our students to share and be thankful for our blessings. I hope you are planning to attend the prayer service that begins in church at 12:00. Immediately following we will walk two blocks to St. Mary's Services. This organization provides help to those in need of caring for their young ones.  I hope you plan on walking with us! Please have your child bring whatever baby items they can carry in a bag. We will return right afterwards. If you are here you may come into the classroom and take your child home! Those taking the bus will leave at 1:30 as usual. Dress for the weather...jeans and an STS sweatshirt or fleece. Please have your child bring warm coat, hats and gloves! I think it'll be a pretty nice day!!!
When we return from our break, it will be our usual schedule! I will have the reading unit tests corrected and ready to pass back. I have encouraged the students to read the book that they chose for our next book report if they have time over break!
We will return to our Math lessons in our text book BUT every night the students should add practicing of multiplication facts to their daily routine! We hope to have these facts mastered by May!!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! We are VERY thankful that you have chosen STS! I am really enjoying this class as I have seen a lot of growth already!
They have personality!!! Enjoy your week with your family!
Mrs. Burns

November 8 Newsletter

We are moving into a very busy time in our school year! Tomorrow is our very memorable Veteran's Day ceremony at noon. Please come if you are able to see and hear how our students honor the men and women who served our country. You may take your child home after the ceremony by walking back into our classroom to get their backpack! Thank you for all of the items that you have donated for the Veterans Exiting Homelessness program!
Nest week is the end of another reading unit! We will be taking another booklet test that helps me see how the students are progressing on silent reading and comprehension. We will also be writing our Expository writing on spiders! The students have been working with a partner to gather information on a spider by reading books and doing research in computer class! I cant wait!
Next week in math is a big week! It's Multiplication week! Each day I will be introducing a different strategy to help the students understand what multiplication is. I will give them a list of all of the facts that they can know add to their homework to study facts! We will not start Timed tests on these facts until we return in January! Practicing these facts should be part of their homework each night! Thank you!!! Practice makes perfect!
How can next week be our last week before Thanksgiving???  I hope you can walk with us one block to an organization that will help mothers care for their babies. St. Mary's is gathering our baby items after our prayer service! I will send home a list on Monday! The list is also included in the school newsletter in case you want to shop this weekend! Thank you for supporting this cause as we try to instill in your child the importance of thanking God of what we have and sharing with those less fortunate! What a great way to send them off for Thanksgiving break!!! 
Hope to see you tomorrow for our Veterans! Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Burns

November 1 Newsletter

Welcome November!!!
We have soooo many activities planned for the month of November! When you receive the STS newsletter, please scroll down to read the WHOLE newsletter! There are many lists and save the dates that you should be alerted to. 
Next week we will celebrate Veteran's Day on Friday at noon. Your children have been practicing a military song in music that they will be performing that day. Some of our third graders will be  reading a military poem to honor our guests. It is a moving ceremony is you have never been to one so please try to attend! You still have time to send in a name of a relative who will be attending this ceremony so we can add them to the list of names that will be read at the ceremony. Thank you!
On our school newsletter, you will also find a list of baby items that each grade has been assigned to bring for our Thanksgiving Walk on November 16. I will be reminding your child of these items as the dates get closer but the items are listed for you if you want to shop early. Thank you very much!
With all of the craziness of Halloween, I forgot to assign the links on my website to have your child practice the vocabulary, spelling words and grammar if they so wish! Some of the students really enjoy the links and it is a different way to study these words!!! They will be posted for EVERY story so in case I forget to assign them on the assignment notebook...please know they are there!
SPIDERS, SPIDERS, and more SPIDERS!!! The students are really enjoying working with a partner to gather information about their assigned spider for their reports. We talking about this subject for the next two weeks.
Thank you to all of the moms and dads that helped plan and run the Halloween party yesterday! A great time was had by all!!!! I appreciate it!
Thanks for all you do at home to stress the importance of getting homework done and turned in on time! It is really showing! This class is such a pleasure to work with and it comes from the example you show at home! 
Enjoy the weekend!
Mrs. Burns

Halloween Newsletter

I can't believe I am already talking about Halloween. Wednesday's parade will begin with our parade at 12:45. Hopefully no rain so you can observe from the parking lot!!! If you would like to send a treat like a bag of candy, you may do so. Please remember that your child should have their costume in a LABELLED bag! They will change back into their regular clothes for dismissal! change for Change is that day if your child want to dress in Halloween colors and jeans and bring $. Thanks. Please refer to the STS Newsletter for more details!
 Thanks for bringing in names of Departed souls. We will include that in our offering at November mass.
I still have more forms for our Veteran's Day ceremony. If you have a veteran whom will be joining us this year on November 9 ( and would like to be included on the list of name, please send it in! 
All is going very well in our class! In reading class, we will be  reading 2 spider stories in the next 2 weeks. We will work with our computer teacher  to do research about different spiders for a report! WE love these creep, crawly bugs!
We have been working very hard on the math facts! It's getting close to multiplication time!! I think we are ready! This will happen mid-November!
Hope some of you can make it our for the first annual haunted house here at STS! I can't wait to see how it turns out!
Mrs. Burns