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This summer is 93 glorious days long!  I hope you are ready to have some adventures, play outside, hang out with your friends, and, of course, keep your brain and body active!  When you come back you will be taller, tanner, and smarter because you used your time well this summer.


Why are we doing this?

Because this is what a scholar does; this is something successful people do.  Your parents want you to be a successful person and that's why they pay such close attention to your character and your education.  Scholars use their time well, are always growing in knowledge, are always trying to improve themselves and be better.  These exercises will help you do that!


Do I have to do it?

Yep. There are many ways to relax in the summer time -- playing baseball, going to the pool, playing at the park... but also reading, doing math, learning how to be more efficient on the computer.  We want to give you every advantage for success in the 2017-18 school year -- keeping your mind sharp over the summer is the first step!


How are you going to know if I did it or not?

Mathletics we track online as you do it.  The typing is easy --we are going to expect 4th-8th graders to be able to type efficiently in class when we use technology and when we assign homework. When you come back to school in the fall, the teachers are going to have an assessment ready for you for reading.  In addition to a test, project, or writing assignment for your August book, they are going to expect you to be able to intelligently share and discuss what you read in June and July.  Besides, you have everything to gain by doing this work...a successful person knows this!


What if I'm going on vacation?

Family vacations and summer camps are just the best, aren't they?  Be sure you help your parents so they can relax on vacation, too.  Bring your book with you to read and pick up the math and technology when you get back home.  There is plenty of time to do this work, so no worries!


What if a book I want to read is not on the list?

If you have a terrific book you would like to see added to the list, please contact me at or stop in and maybe we'll go grab coffee and discuss it!  In order to make the list, a book must be a classic in fact or in spirit; that is, it must tell a great story of life, truth, beauty, and leads the person to good in the end.  A classic has a universal theme that applies to any human being and will be as good a read 100 years from now as it is today.  A classic also has strong vocabulary, complex sentences and paragraphs, and excellent illustrations.


Did you know many classics are also movies?

Yes, and we recommend them... AFTER you have read the book!  Some of Miss Keenley's favorites: True Grit, Pollyanna (1960 with Haley Mills), Scarlet Pimpernel (1982 with Anthony Andrews), Death Be Not Proud (grab your Kleenex...), and Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959 version).   Also try: Anne of Green Gables (with Sarah Polley, not the new one) and The BFG (2016)!



Summer Study 2017


The St. Theresa School Summer Study Program consists of four main learning dynamics and, new this year, some summer options!


Reading    Recitation    Math    Keyboarding


Summer Reading: The purpose of summer reading is to help keep your child's mind sharp both in reading skill and in content.  The texts offered are classic in nature; they are complex, have strong vocabularies, and offer universal themes.  And they are good reads!


As part of the summer reading experience, students are encouraged to enroll in the summer reading program at the Palatine Public Library (click here for their website).  All the books on our list can be found at the Palatine Public Library and within the Northwest Suburban Library System.  Except in grades 6-8 as noted, you should not have to purchase a book unless you want to.



PS-2nd Grade:    read at least one (1) text a week each week of the summer

    4th-8th Grade:     read at least one (1) text a month off the reading list in June and July plus the selected text in August (total of at least 3 books)


Summer Recitation: Memorization is a lost art, and public speaking strikes terror into the hearts of many.  Memorizing not only stretches the brain, but fills it with information that is easily retrieved at a later time.  The ability to speak in public, recalling information learned, will help your child communicate effectively in life.  The texts selected to learn and recite are fundamental texts of literature, primary sources and Scripture, and our Faith tradition that expound morality and life principles necessary for a happy life.  Through memorization, these text become part of the child's working memory.  Students are expected to learn the passages precisely as written, word for word, and recite them during the first weeks of school.  Students can learn the texts by reading them or, if more beneficial, by hearing them by downloading a recorded copy or by recording it themselves and practicing with their own words.   The passages are leveled, the simpler passages at the top, the more challenging towards the bottom.  Students will be evaluated on the accuracy of their recitation and, new this year, on the clarity and expressiveness of their presentation.


Assignment:      Memorize and be prepared to recite from memory the assigned text from the literature list, and the Scriptural passage or prayer from the Scripture list.   Note:  for some grades, there is only one option in one or both lists.


Summer Math: The purpose of Summer Math is to keep your child's math skills sharp through the summer months and to return to school in September ready to start the next year's work rather than reviewing what was learned this year.  It is also a fun way to spend time online during the restful summer months.


Passcodes:        Distributed and verified in class during May

Assignment:      Complete the assignments set up by your teacher in Mathletics.  The goal is to earn one (1) certificate each month (June, July, and August)


Summer Keyboarding (Grades 4-8):  Because technology is the means of modern communication for the students, the ability to quickly and efficiently manage the physical keyboard is an essential skill.  Learning the traditional touch typing method allows students to efficiently and accurately input information into word processing or other documents.  This, along with the formatting skills they will learn in the classroom, will be one part of helping the children become clear effective communicators.  Mrs. Nicolas will introduce and set up students' accounts in class.  Students have the opportunity to learn proper home row hand placement and the elements of touch typing which will strengthen their keyboarding skills and their efficiency with technology.  Working on will continue through the school year so that every student is using the touch typing method with at least 85% accuracy.  Parents of students in younger grades may request a account (or set one up themselves) if parents want to get a head start on touch typing!



Passcodes:          Distributed and verified in class during May

Assignment:        Type with 85% accuracy at the Advanced level by September 5.


Optional Activities:


Summer Science: The Solar Eclipse!

This summer there will be an unusual total solar eclipse on August 21 - there has not been an eclipse of this magnitude for 99 years!  On this date, the moon will pass in front of the sun, eclipsing the light and energy of the sun for a few moments. Want an interesting summer project?  Find out more about the eclipse here!  Want to do something really cool?  Head to Carbondale, Illinois which has the best viewing of the eclipse from 11:52am - 2:47 pm!






The Health and Wellness Committee is very excited to introduce our summer program!  We want to help those in need while strengthening ourselves and eating healthy.


Objective #1:  Work towards a destination as a school:  your goal is to complete 120 miles, let's see how far we can go!


30 minutes of activity = 3 miles

Daily recommended activity:    K-2 is 30 minutes    3-8 is 60 minutes

Types of activities can be individual, family or group!


Track your progress using the attached monthly calendars  OR  track by downloading the Kurbo app!


Objective #2: Make healthy food choices!



Objective #3:  Share what we have with others!



To conclude this event we will have a drive in September to collect our gently used shoes to donate to Share Your Soles to help those in need.  Share Your Soles organizes shoe drives and other events that provide the necessary support to putting shoes on the soles of children and adults in the most impoverished areas of the world.  "We can't walk in their shoes, let them walk in ours..."




Special Opportunity for 4th Graders:  Every Kid in a Park!

Did you know that you own millions of acres of national parks, historic structures, cultural artifacts, ancient forests, snow-capped mountains, and clear blue lakes? Our federal public lands and waters belong to all Americans and are waiting for you to explore them! You can get your free Every Kid in a Park pass at,

The Every Kid in a Park pass is good until August 31, 2017. Information on obtaining the pass is available by visiting

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