Board of Specified Jurisdiction

Board of Specified Jurisdiction (BSJ)

St. Theresa School has implemented a Board of Specified Jurisdiction. The pastor has established the BSJ to assist the school community in the governance in specified areas of the school, consistent with the policies, procedures, guidelines, regulations and best practices promulgated by the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Office of Catholic Schools.

A BSJ is composed of 11 to 21 members. An individual is appointed by the pastor and/or the superintendent of schools based upon a certain skill set and expertise for a specified term, usually 3 years. A maximum of twenty percent (20%) of the Board members may be non-Catholic. 
Board members may be:

The Archbishop empowers the members of the BSJ through the pastor or the superintendent of schools with specified responsibilities/powers. The following are the areas of responsibility of the BSJ:
The board also has responsibilities for the following areas. The Executive Committee may decide the manner of implementation, either themselves or through an ad hoc committee of the board:

The commitment of board members is to prepare for and attend board meetings and actively participate in at least one of the committees of the BSJ which include: Executive, Fiscal Management, and Institutional Development, Marketing/Recruitment. The school community shall have an active and supportive Family and School Association; its president or designated representative sits on the Board of Specified Jurisdiction (BSJ).

The board uses a consensus model of decision-making; work is prepared in committee before presentation to the board membership. The Executive Committee includes the board chair, assistant chair, board secretary, the pastor (or superintendent's delegate) the principal, president (secondary school). The school administrator and the board chair set the board agenda and monitor the board calendar. An agenda packet, including the minutes from each current committee's work, is sent to board members in a timely manner so that board members may come to the meeting prepared.

Information regarding the approved bylaws, other supporting documents, and the process of establishing a BSJ is available from the Director of Board Development, Office of Catholic Schools.
The 2016-2017members of the St. Theresa School Board of Specified Jurisdiction are:

Thomas Paar, Chairman            
Glenn Wagner, Vice Chairman    
Michael Towle, Finance Chair
Michael Thompson , Marketing Chair
Norm Behrens
John Melone                         
Frank DiVito    
Kim Gryzlo  
Fran Litchfield                            
Joanne Ranallo               
Guy Youman

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