2017-18 Information Letter

May 11, 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! It is going to be an exciting year as our school begins to grow both in students and in size! Below is important information you will need for the upcoming school year. Much more information is to come, but this is a general overview.

Parent To Do List

New this year, a comprehensive list of all the things that need to get done in preparation for the start of the 2017-18 school year. Please note all medical forms (physicals, exams, etc.) are due on August 25! Please be sure your child has the proper appointment so that s/he can be in compliance at the start of school!

Click here for the master Parent To Do List

Class Placement

You will be notified of your 1st-8th grade student's placement in a letter given to the students at the end of the day on Friday, May 19. Parents of incoming kindergartners will receive their placement at Welcome to Kindergarten Night on Wednesday, May 17. In order to receive a class placement, a student must be fully registered; paperwork in, and Smart Tuition account set up. If you do not know if you are fully registered, or if you have any questions regarding your account with Smart Tuition, please contact Mrs. Zielinski at mzielinski@sttheresaschool.com. Students entering grades 1-8 will meet their new teachers on Wednesday, May 24 on "Moving Up Day."


The highlight of next year will be phase 2 of the new construction that is beginning on May 26 at 1:30 pm. The 2017-18 calendar is already live on Google and SchoolRush.

Click this link for the basic calendar for 2017-18


Just a couple of changes to the uniform:

Some reminders:

Click this link for uniform requirements

Click here for Dennis Uniform (STS code is GTHEV)

Summer Study

It's summer and time to relax but not time to decay! Students will have various summer study activities which will enhance their studies in the fall and help keep their young minds fresh during the summer months. Students will receive their summer study packets on Moving Up Day and they will be posted on the website as well.

Our required summer study program for 2017-18 is as follows:

Summer Reading: All students entering Preschool 3 through 8th grade will have summer reading goals and activities set for the summer. Summer reading will consist of required reading and suggested titles for additional reading. The texts used in our program can be counted for participation in the Palatine Public Library summer reading program so be sure to enroll in that program as well! This reading is designed so it will not conflict with any planned vacations or other summer activities. Particularly for the older students, most required texts will be available in book, ebook, and audio format.

Summer Elocution: Students will be required to learn and recite from memory two short pieces - one from literature or a primary source and one from Scripture or prayer. Students will be asked to recite their pieces during the first weeks of school. The goal this summer is simply to learn by memorizing and be able to recite. As we become more proficient in this skill, we will add additional dynamics.

Summer Math: Students entering grades 1-8 will continue to have Mathletics goals for the summer. They will receive their access codes in class.

Summer Keyboarding (Grades 4-8): Because technology is the means of modern communication for the students, the ability to quickly and efficiently manage the physical keyboard is an essential skill. Learning the traditional touch typing method allows students to efficiently and accurately input information into word processing or other documents. This, along with the formatting skills they will learn in the classroom, will be one part of helping the children become clear effective communicators. Mrs. Nicolas will introduce typing.com and set up students' accounts in class. Students have the opportunity to learn proper home row hand placement and the elements of touch typing which will strengthen their keyboarding skills and their efficiency with technology. Working on typing.com will continue through the school year so that every student is using the touch typing method with at least 85% accuracy. Parents of students in younger grades may request a typing.com account (or set one up themselves) if parents want to get a head start on touch typing!

Some Fun Developments: Watch for information about summer science opportunities related to the impending solar eclipse, the Summer Trek from our Health and Wellness Team, and for 4th graders, Every Kid in a Park from the Federal Government!

Other Things You Need to Do Now:

Complete the bus form to request bus service to and/or from school in 2017-18. This form must be returned by Friday, May 19 or your child will not have bus service in September.

S.T.E.P. (St. Theresa Extended Care Program) information and family registration form. This form is due by August 25.

School Supplies

K-8th grade students can order supply kits online. Save time and with quality products and teacher approved school supplies. Order your supply kit online. If you wish to purchase your supplies on your own, click on the link below for the master list.

Click here to Order School Supplies Online (K-8th only)

Click here for the master supply list to purchase on your own

Reminder about keeping our children safe:

All volunteers who have contact with students at school or at school-related activities, including class activities, lunch duty, coaching, chaperone field trips, etc. must complete Virtus certification and a criminal background check. Each year, all adults must also complete a DCFS CANTS form and a Code of Conduct acknowledgement form. These will be available at Preschool orientation and Curriculum Night in August.

No adult will be allowed contact with students unless s/he is in complete compliance with this policy so we encourage you to complete these steps prior to the start of school in August! All forms and links are on the STS Website Parents Tab, Virtus Training and are due by August 25.




I look forward to a new and bright upcoming school year filled with excitement and joy, as we all enjoy our new school space! Keep an eye on your email during the summer months and watch for information and updates including the launching of our brand new - and rather spectacular - website!






           Mary J. Keenley, Principal


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