2016-2017 Curriculum, Book and Information Packet

It's Finally Time for School!
Dear Parents,
Thank you for your patience with the start of school this summer.  I hope you all enjoyed your long summer and are excited to start up again!  The construction is on schedule and the building is being inspected and scrubbed clean as I write to you. 
I know all your children are busy finishing up their summer reading and preparing their recitations.  The teachers are excited to discuss their books with them and hear them recite for the first time!
When you come in next week, the teachers will have only been in the building a few hours.  Their classrooms will be clean and unpacked, but there will not be bulletin boards up or other decorations typical in our classrooms.  We are focusing on getting the basics up to meet the students on Friday and start school after Labor Day.  We will complete the decorating in the weeks to come.
The information below covers the parent nights and the first day of school.  Please read it very carefully, all the way to the end, as there are some changes to our normal procedures.  In particular, please note that no children other than infants are allowed in the building for Preschool Night or for Curriculum Night. Please do not bring children to Preschool or Curriculum Night this year.  I apologize for this inconvenience but this is the only way we can give you a full tour of the building before we shut down spaces the children will not have access to when they return to school.  
Wednesday, August 31 at 7 pm in the school building.
Preschool parents will have the opportunity to meet their child's teacher, see the classrooms, and review important preschool information.  Representatives from the Parents Association, STEP (before/after school program,) MTC, Mrs. Zielinski (tuition) and the school nurse, Mrs. Montrie, will also be in attendance.   Please enter through Door 1 (the main entrance.)  Again, please remember, this is for parents only - no children other than infants are allowed at this meeting this year!
In addition, you will also have the opportunity to:
Thursday, September 1st at 3:30 and 6:00 pm.
Start in the church
Curriculum Night starts in the church with a presentation by the principal and other staff.  Parents will then have the opportunity to move to the school building and meet their child(ren)'s teachers.   There are two identical sessions - one at 3:30 and a repeat session at 6 pm. This allows families with multiple children to see all their children's teachers as well as complete the necessary sign ups.   Again, please remember, this is for parents only -  no children other than infants are allowed at this meeting this year!
In addition to hearing the principal and meeting your child(ren)'s teachers, you will also have the opportunity to:
Friday, September 2  Open from 8:00-11:00 am
All students and their parents come to school on Friday with their school supplies to meet their teacher and put away their supplies.  Students will have the opportunity to organize themselves in their classroom and see a bit of the building. Parents have the opportunity to walk their child(ren) to class and meet and mingle with the other parents.  Please park in either the Benton or Dolan lots and enter with your child through the door your child will be normally entering - busers, walkers, and bikers through Door 4 (Benton parking lot entrance), car riders through Door 1 (playground side entrance).  No uniforms are required for this day, uniforms start on TuesdayPlease note:  this is a required attendance day for K-8th grade; it is optional but strongly encouraged for preschool!
Below are links for the documents you will need for Preschool and/or Curriculum Night.  You can either print the documents individually by name or all documents together in one file.  These forms are also on the website.  To make the evening go smoothly for you, we encourage you to print out and complete these forms before you come to Preschool and/or Curriculum Night.
In addition, the following forms will be addressed at Preschool Night and Curriculum Night:
BUS ROUTES:  Your child's homeroom teacher will have your bus route information in the classroom.
MEDICAL AND EMERGENCY FORMS:  All medical and emergency forms must be turned in by Friday, September 2.  Please contact Mrs. Montrie (mmontrie@sttheresaschool.com) if you are having an issue with completing or turning in these forms.  Just a reminder - all athletes must have a current physical on file!
PARKING:  For these events, please park in the Benton Street or Dolan parking lots.  There is no parking in the playground lot this year.   During the school year, parking will only be available in the Benton Street lot.
SCHOOLRUSH:  SchoolRush has launched a powerful upgrade which we are very excited about!  However, it has caused a delay in our local launch.  SchoolRush is scheduled to be up by Wednesday, August 31.  More information to come at the presentations.  If you have not done so already, please download the SchoolRush app (please ALLOW notifications!) onto your smart device so you are ready to go when we launch!
SUMMER PICTURES:  We are collecting pictures of your summer adventures for the front hallway again this year!  Please send pictures of your kids' summer fun to mkeenley@sttheresaschool.com.  Please put your last name in the subject line and attach the pictures in the email.  Please send the pics in as high resolution as possible - if you are sending them directly from a phone or mobile device, please send them "actual size."  These pics will be up for the kids on Meet the Teacher and the first weeks of school. 
CALENDAR:  The full school calendar is up on the website and will be in SchoolRush as well.  They are GCal based and fully syncable with your personal calendar if you choose!
Thank you for reading all the way to the end!  We are so very excited to get back into the building and start school next week.  Please continue to pray for the construction process and for the workers so everything continues to proceed smoothly. 
If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Soby at esoby@sttheresaschool.com
Click here for the full packet of forms.


Click on the specific form to print the forms out individually:

Welcome Back Letter from the Parents Association President
Curriculum Night and Meet the Teacher/Book Day Checklist
St. Theresa School Floor Plans
Parents Association Membership Form
Student After School Plan/Emergency Closing Plan
Photo/Academic Work Consent Form
Custodial and Non-Custodial Parent Information Form
Wednesday Special Lunch Order Form
Hot Lunch (Gourmet Gorilla) Order Information
STS Themed Apparel Order Form
Yearbook Order Information
STS Birthday Book Club Form
Trot for Theresa Registration Form
Music Ministry Children's Choir Sign-up Form
Altar Server Permission Form (4th grade or older)
Volunteer Opportunities Sign-up


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